To Catch The Uncatchable

To Catch The Uncatchable, ????, ????, Dong Dok San Tam

Genre: Comedy, Detective.
Date: 2004
Episodes: 25
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Detective Mok (Dayo Wong) is a very smart detective with a high IQ, but he appears to be slow and weak. He has an illness that makes him physically slow. When solving one of his cases, Mok meets insurance agent Wai (Ada Choi), in the beginning there are conflicts and they can’t stand each other. Later they become friends. Always when Wai and Mok are going out, Wai has to pay. Mok just doesn’t have money everytime he goes out, this makes Wai mad and causes some funny scenes. Wai’s job is not easy and Romeo (Marco Ngai) makes it a lot harder. The competition between the men and women at the office never ends. Romeo is the chef of all the men and Wai is the chef of all the women. Romeo is involved in a lot of cases. There are a lot of gossips made up by the people from the office. The gossips people are spreading are always heard by the person who walks into the office. Usually this is the person who is talked about. Wai and Mok meet Jim (Michael Tong), a fitness trainer, he falls in love with Wai, but Wai likes Mok instead. Jim is also in involved in some cases. * Dayo Wong as Detective Mok * Ada Choi as Wai * Michael Tong as Jim * Marco Ngai as Romeo * Belinda Hamnett as Mary * Claire Yiu as Mia * Auguste Kwan * Gilbert Lam * Mark Kwok * Cheung Chi-Kwong * Chris Lai * Elaine Yiu as Bebe

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