The Rose

The Rose, ???? (????), Qiang Wei Zhi Lian

Genre: Family, Romance.
Date: 2003
Episodes: 26
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A stone with an ugly outward appearance and not catching to the eye: Would people be able to see the glittering gem that is wrapped around inside? Being looked down by people for a long time, cold and indifferent treatments, It will gradually turn rusty and lose its brilliance; Or maybe after experiencing all these hardships, It’s lustre and beauty will be highlighted even more? * Ella as Zheng Bai He * Huang Zhi Wei as Han Jin * Joe Cheng as Han Kui * Joelle Lu as Han Fu Rong * Ye Tong as Han Li * Selina as Zhuang Zhe Qin * Hebe as Xiao Feng * Hong Jiao Nang as Mao Ji * Z-Chen as Shan Bo * Senda Aisa as Bai He’s friend * Zeng Guo Cheng as mother’s boyfriend * Dylan Kuo as mother’s boyfriend * Kenji Wu as Mao Ji’s friend * Zhang Hao Ming as Mao Ji’s manga editor * Renzo Liu as Li Zhi Mao

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