The Legend And The Hero

The Legend And The Hero, ???, Feng Shen Bang

Genre: Ancient, Fantasy, Swordplay.
Date: 2007
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A period drama based on a famous Chinese classical novel, The Legend and The Hero blends history and fantasy into one splendid TV series with help of new CG technologies. Steve Ma Jing Tao, famous for his various roles as ancient heroes, teams up with Mainland Chinese beauty Fan Bingbing (who has starred alongside Andy Lau in Battle of Wits). Giving a twist to the original story, Emperor Zhou (Steve Ma) is no longer a tyrant, and Da Ji (Fan Bingbing), not a wicked concubine. She seduces the Emperor only to fulfill her mission assigned by the heavenly god. Emperor Zhou falls in love with the gorgeous Da Ji, and he even threatens to attack her hometown in order to make her one of his concubines. A group consists of both mortals and immortals are recruited by the benevolent Heavenly Goddess to battle the mortal King, who is possessed by the Demon. Thus begins a sprawling war between the good and evil. With plenty of special effects and battle sequences, The Legend and the Hero is an exciting retelling of one of China’s best folklore legends.

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