The Gentle Crackdown

The Gentle Crackdown, ?????, Sau Choi Yu Jeuk Bing

Date: 05 2005
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Takes place during the Ming Dynasty. Actress Niki Chow plays a female constable, while Moses Chan plays a clever and uncorrupt official. Together, they bring down corrupt officials as well as their criminally spoiled kids, while finding romance on the way. A mysterious Robin Hood like figure called “”Flying Eagle”” appears sometimes and saves the day. 12th Sister wants to unmask this mysterious person for the honor of her late dad who was also a constable. Another official wants Chan’s character to marry his daughter. Powerful officials are also trying to locate “”Flying Eagle””. Moses Chan, Niki Chow, Michelle Yim, Wayne Lai, Halina Tam, Cindy Au, Johnson Lee, Kao Hung

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