The Duke Of Mount Deer

The Duke Of Mount Deer, ?????, Xiao Bao Yu Kang Xi or ???, Lu Ding Ji

Genre: Ancient, Historical Fiction, King.
Date: 2000
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This production is a more recent, and somewhat more loose adapation of Jin Yong’s last and most unique Wuxia novel “”The Deer and the Cauldron””. The story is centred around an uneducated street urchin Wei Xiao Bao, who was born and raised in a brothel by his mother. Through a series of misdaventures, he managed to make his way from the southern playground of Yangzhou to Beijing, the seat of Manchurian imperial power, and bumbling accidently into a fateful encounter with young Emperor Kang Xi. By hook or by crook, but also through a genuine concern and fierce loyalty towards his “”mate”” the Emperor, Xiao Bao found himself in the greatest of confidences and a complicated friendship of one of the most eminent monarchs of Chinese history. * Dicky Cheung Wai Kin as Wei Xiao Bo * Shu Qi as Little Goldfish * Ruby Lin as Princess Jian Ning * Annie Wu Ng Sun Kwan as Seung Yi * Cheung Sai as Mu Jian Ping * Chung Yan Tung as Purple Rose * Athena Chu Yun as Ah Ke * Teresa Mak Ka Kei as Fang Yi * Monica Chan Fat Yung as Long Yi * Patrick Tam Yiu Man as Emperor Kang Xi * Ng Man Tat as Eunuch Hai Dafu * Tsui Kam Kong as Ao Bai * Ekin Cheng as Chan Jian Nan

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