The Dance Of Passion

The Dance Of Passion, Foh Mo Wong Sa, Huo Wu Huang Sha, ????, Fire Dance Yellow Sand

Date: 05 2006
Episodes: 32
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Set in the early-mid nineteen hundreds, Yim Ga Po is a small village in China, ruled by the Yim family (mainly Yim Man Hei – Bowie Lam). The Sung family also occupies the village, and they are essentially viewed by the Yim family as lazy and useless – but because the Yim family was aided by the Sung family many generations ago, the Yim family is bound by their ancestor’s wishes to always live in peace with the Sung family. The plot is long and intricate, with many twists along the way, but the general themes are murder, revenge, climbing up the ladder of power, etc. The relationships between characters are just as complex as the plot, and so often you’re left wondering whether one character hates another or in actual fact loves them. Much of the cast were also in “”War and Beauty””, and comparisons were made even before filming began. The notable additions to “”The Dance of Passion “”were Ada Choi and Maggie Shiu, and the absentees were Sheren Teng and Maggie Cheung. Personally, I really enjoyed “”The Dance of Passion””, more so than “”War and Beauty””, although the latter achieved much higher ratings. * Bowie Lam as Yim Man Hei * Gigi Lai as Gai Ming Fung * Vinci Wong as Yim Man Tin * King Sir as Yim Kwok Yip * Rebecca Chan as Yim Siew Hung

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