The Change Of Destiny

The Change Of Destiny, ???, Teen Gay Shune, Tian Ji Suan

Genre: Ancient.
Date: 04 2007
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Wind and Clouds Change Mountains and Rivers are Chaotic Secretly, the Heavens Control Destiny After all Chance has been Calculated Why not Return to the Way of the Righteous Yip Yeung (Benny Chan Ho Man) is very interested in the “Back Pushing Diagrams”, which according to folk legend can foretell the future and help people to find luck and avoid tragedy. Yuen Hei (Steven Ma Chun Wai) capitalizes on this opportunity and tries to make money from him with a fake set of diagrams, but he is discovered by Lee Sing Tin, who has changed his name to Wan Chung Hok (Yuen Wah). It turns out that he once presented the diagrams to the Emperor Zhao Kuangyin (Kwok Fung), helping him gain his throne. With a deep understanding in foretelling destinies, he accepts Yeung and Hei as his students and hopes to pass on his lifelong knowledge. Yeung later also becomes the student of another master Nam Fong Man (Lau Kong). Man uses Yeung in hopes of seizing back the imperial throne. Yeung finds out from Man that he is a descendant from the last dynasty’s royal family. As a result, he uses his prediction skills in a pledge to turn back the Sung emperor and take back his own right to the throne; however, no matter how much he tries to calculate his destiny, he only meets with a tragic ending…

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