Ten Brothers

Ten Brothers, ???, Sap Heng Dei, Shu Hing Di

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy.
Date: 2005
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Kei Hau Yee (Kenix Kwok) is a spoiled wealthy girl, when she eats 10 magical seeds by accident, she gets pregnant. Chan Dai Ha (Frankie Lam) lies that he is the father of her children, but Hau Yee dislikes him. Hau Yee gives birth to 10 strange children, these children become adults in one day, at night. Hau Yee and Dai Ha are scared but later take care of them and treat them like their own children. The couple lose their second and third son by accident and they were brought up by Man Sai Hung (Liu Kai Chi), a wealthy man. Hau Yee and Dai Ha are really poor and they are forced to give Ah Sei (Don Li) and Ah Sap (Wong Ping Hei) away to a theatre troop where they are mistreated by their teacher but are helped by the kind Siu Lan (Leila Tong). Ah Gao (Ip Wai) is also given away to a couple who can’t have children. Then Hau Yee’s friend shows up, Hau Yee had a crush on him, looks like he likes Hau Yee too and he wants to go to Shanghai with her. Hau Yee does not know what to do. The ten brothers find out they all have special powers, Hau Yee and Dai Ha later find this out. Everyone has a different special ability, but their parents don’t want anyone to know about the special powers and they tell their sons not to use those powers in public. Hau Yee and Dai Ha are trying to get their sons back, besides this there are more troubles. Ah Sei and Ah Dai (Lai Lok Yi) both fall in love with Siu Lan, this causes trouble between the two brothers, also there is a man who’s saying to Ah Dai that the ten brothers don’t have a long time to go anymore. * Frankie Lam as Chan Dai Ha * Kenix Kwok as Kei Hau Yee * Chris Lai as Ah Tai (1st brother) * Lam Yuen Ying as Ah Yee (2nd brother) * Jack Wu as Ah Sam (3rd brother) * Don Li as Ah Sei (4th brother) * Law Kwun Fung as Ah Ng (5th brother) * Kwok Jing as Ah Lok (6th brother) * Matt Yeung Ming as Ah Chat (7th brother) * Cheung Chi Hin as Ah Pat (8th brother) * Ip Wai as Ah Gao (9th brother) * Wong Ping Hei as Ah Sap (10th brother) * Leila Tong as Hong Siu Lan * Nancy Wu as Yuen Tung Tung * Ellesmere Choi as Chow Ka Lai * Liu Kai Chi as Man Sai Hung

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