Strike At Heart

Strike At Heart, ????, Ging Yim Yat Cheung, Jing Yan Yi Qiang

Genre: Ancient, Swordplay.
Date: 2005
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This drama was adapted from a novel with the same title. It is written by the well-known wuxia novelist Wen Rui-An. It is a tale about friendship, loyalty, love, and revenge. Thirteen, Chu Kot Zheng Ngo, and Hui Siew Yat have been under the same martial arts clique since childhood. The three of them have been separated from each other for a while and meet up later when they are older. Chu Kot Zheng Ngo is a government official who protects the king. Siu Keng falls for Chu Kot Zheng Ngo but he can not return her feelings. But he does love her but she does not know that. Thirteen falls for Siu Keng as well. Thru misunderstandings Siu Keng marries Thirteen but the man she truly loves is Chu Kot Zheng Ngo. Jik Nui fell for Hui Siew Yat’s gentlemanly ways and was forced to marry her. * Joe Ma as Chu Kot Zheng Ngo * Charmaine Sheh as Siu Keng * Stephen Au as Yuan Sap Sam Han (Thirteen) * Sunny Chan as Hui Siew Yat * Annie Man as Jik Nui * Nadia Chan as Mong Dip * Shek Sau as Choi Ging * Derek Kwok as Wu Zhong Shu

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