Slim Chances

Slim Chances, ??Fit?Fit, Ngo Yiu Fit Yut Fit, Wo Yao Fit Fit

Date: 09 2002
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This series has a very interesting theme. It is about how to fit into your job. Every day people face the challenges of finding a good job that fits them, but how about fitting yourself to the job? You may get better results by looking at it differently. The main character, Salina, is a very strict person who has contributed much to her company. But her boss does not appreciate her and that leads to her resignation. She starts to look for different kinds of jobs but because of the fact that she is fat and over 40 years old, it is very hard for her to get one even though she is highly educated. But she does not give up and finally, she is able to open her own restaurant business. Fannie (Margaret), Rain (Bobo) and Annie (Crazy Cat) are three best friends and they all like cats! Fannie and Rain lost their jobs because their company decided to cut expenses by cutting off their department. Annie is an accountant, which makes it no wonder that she is so crazy about money. Basically, it is about people who lost their jobs and who are looking for a new beginning, as well as learning to fit into their jobs, discovering their talents, etc.

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