Silence, ????, Shen Qing Mi Ma

Genre: Romance.
Date: 05 2006
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story begins during the year when Wei Yi is 15 years old. Due to an accident, Qi Wei Yi, who has everything in this world, was sent to the only hospital in a village. During the boring recovery, Wei Yi accidentally discovers an underground air raid shelter in the old hospital. Through a secret passageway within the air raid shelter, he meets a Korean girl, two years younger than him, Zhao Shen Shen, who lost her voice due to an accident. A pure love develops from this meeting. However, due to a succession of mistakes and misunderstandings, Shen Shen and Wei Yi lost contact with each other. Nine years later, Wei Yi is faced with a very busy business profession and bears the burden of his parents’ expectation for him to take over the business. A life that has never encountered any difficult situations made him into a dazzling and confident person. One day, Wei Yi, dismissed a senior employee easily and without any second thoughts. Unexpectedly, the next day, a mute girl and a gangster type guy came to him to seek justice! Wei Yi never imagined that the mute girl is Zhao Shen Shen from nine years ago!

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