Shades Of Truth

Shades Of Truth, ?????, Shui Wu Mo Gan Do, Shui Hu Wu Jian Dao

Genre: Romance, SciFi.
Date: 12 2004
Episodes: 25
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Mo Chung (Julian Cheung) and Lam Chung (Wong Hei) were best friends in their past life. After generations, they meet again. Mo Song reborn as Ha Chung Yum and Lam Chung reborn as Lam Ji Chung. Chung Yum joins the triad while Ji Chung is a cop. Chung Yum gets his past memories back and tries to convince Ji Chung that he is his long lost brother Lam Chung. Will they stay friends or will they become enemies? * Julian Cheung as Ha Chung Yum (Dung Chung Cho) / Mo Song * Gigi Lai as Nicole (Man Fung Lin) / Poon Gum Lin * Wong Hei as Lam Tsi Chung / Lam Chung * Tavia Yeung as Hong Tsi Sin (Siu Sin) * Yuen Wah (??) as Song Po * Derek Kwok (???) as Yik Guan * Halina Tam * Vin Choi as Song Po’s Gangster

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