Romance In The Rain

Romance In The Rain, ??????, Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2001
Episodes: 48
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The story revolves around lives of members of the Lu?s family with Lu Zhenhua as the head of the family. Lu Zhenhua has 9 wives who all resemble his lost love in some way. However, the series only focus on two of his wives, the 8th and 9th (Wen Pei and Xue Quing respectively). 8th wife, Wen Pei has two daughters Lu Yiping (Vicky Zhao) and Lu Xinping. Xinping was Zhenhua?s favourite daughter yet, she died and left a lasting impression on her parents and an envious feeling in Yiping, who thinks that she would never be able to take the place in her mother?s heart. 9th wife, Xue Quing has four children: Lu Erhao (Gao Hsin), Lu Ruping (Ruby Lin), Lu Mungping (Le Tingting), and Er Jie. Xue Quing, being a woman who would not want to share her husband and the fortune with anyone, finds every way to make Wen Pei?s and Yi Ping?s life miserable. Wen Pei and Yi Ping are eventually kicked out of the house, however, they still depend on the money that Lu Zhenhua gives them monthly. Being a strong-willed girl, Yi Ping always says what is in her head. She angers her father one time and he beats her. She vows to never take money from them again. This leads her to find job as a singer in Shanghai Club. During this time, both Yi Ping and Ru Ping encounter He Shuhuan (Leo Gu) and Du Fei (Alec Su). They are two young aspiring reporters working with Lu Erhao. The series then revolves around the love relationship involving these young people.

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