Real Kung Fu

Real Kung Fu, ?????, Fut San Tzan See Fu, Fuo Shan Jan Shi Fu

Genre: Action, Period.
Date: 10 2005
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Leung Tsan (Yuen Biao) was a chef in a city who was actually talented in Wing Chun kung fu. He had a sweetheart named Cheung Kin Hei (Maggie Siu), and they were about to get married. Unfortunately, he was involved in a murder case whose victim was Long For Pui Hak, the Manchurian guy he messed with before. This forced him to run away to Foshan. On his way, he rescued Ping Yee (Charmaine Li), a so-called whore who accidentally saw the true killer. In Foshan, they both stayed in his junior master’s house for the time being. Meanwhile, Kin Hei and her father were on their way looking for him. Kin Hei somehow got in trouble with Sam Sing clan and had to marry her elder benefactor in order to save herself. Later on, she reunited with Leung Tsan. However, she couldn’t leave with him because she had to fulfill her husband’s dying wish, which was helping his son, Wah Shun (Timmy Hung) manage the family business. At first, she and Wah Shun didn’t get along with each other, but their relationship got better afterward. Leung Tsan’s junior master and his best friend were mysteriously killed. During his investigation, he gradually figured out the cases and discovered the men behind all that. They were Yee Tak minister and Manchurian number one fighter Laplan Ching Kwong (Derek Kwok). They both cooperated with Sam Sing clan and caused a lot of misunderstandings between Leung Tsan, Kin Hei and Wah Shun.

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