La Femme Desperado

La Femme Desperado, ?????, Nui Yan Mm Yi Jo, Nu Ren Wu Yu Zuo

Genre: Romance.
Date: 04 2006
Episodes: 22
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This story follows the lives of two women: Melissa Ng, the typical traditional woman dominated by the men in her life. Contrasted to her is Sheren Tang, the epitome of the modern, successful and independent woman. They work for a company called Pluto and become great friends despite their different personalities. Their love lives are complicated; Melissa is paired with a man seven years her junior, Raymond Lam, who loved her ever since he was 13. Because of their age difference, they face many problems, such as their family’s opposition and their own internal struggles. Sheren, meanwhile, has a one-night stand with Melissa’s ex-husband, Michael Tse, who is seen as a real jerk at first. However, their bond grows and we find out than Ah Man is really a kind person. * Sheren Tang as Hilda * Melissa Ng as Go Ling * Michael Tse as Ah Man * Raymond Lam as Siu Chai * Kate Tsui as Ida * Kenneth Ma as Ah Lik

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