Into Thin Air

Into Thin Air, ????, Yun Gan Jing Fat, Ren Jian Zheng Fa

Date: 09 2005
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Due to his work as a police officer, Ko Chung Ching’s two most loved people disappear from his life… Ching leaves the police force and sets up his own detective agency. On one hand, he helps other people find their lost items and on the other, he continues to look for clues on where to find his lost family. He has three assistants at the agency: Super, Man Tai Bo, and Lam Yan Yan. Later, he meets a woman with whom he embarks on a love affair… Michael Miu – Ko Chung Ching Melissa Ng – Lai Siu/Mok Wai Chi Bernice Liu – Man Tai Bo Kenneth Ma – Koon Ching Wan Power Chan – Man Kai Chiu (Super) Hui Siu Hung – Lai Chau Rebecca Chan – Koon Sau Wah Vivien Yeo – Lam Yun Yun Ben Wong – Lau Kwok Wai Patrick Tang – Kong Fai Michelle Yim – Kong Lai Ping Akina Hong – Ho Kai Man (Winnie) Ivan Yau – Ko Chun Sing Felix Lok – Man Yung Johnson Lee – Kee Chi Him Chan Hoi Yee – Kee Lum Lum June Chan – Chan Hoi Yun

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