Hi Working Girl

Hi Working Girl, Hi!????, Hi! Working Girl

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2003
Episodes: 23
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Remade from a popular black humor Japanese manga, Hi! Working Girl explores the idea of mixing work with love. Yi Ling is a pure and simple-minded girl who believes that there isn’t a problem in the world that can’t be resolved, moving into a role much suited to her in the general affairs department her slightly odd colleagues take advantage of her helpful personality by pushing work onto her. She accepts this believing it is a process in life, that is until she meets Da Lun. He changes her life completely and they fall for each other. Yi Ling, shy when it comes to love doubts he could love plain old her, letting opportunities slip one by one. Only when she realizes that one day he may disappear from her side does she gather the courage to say out loud, “”Da Lun, I love you…”” Jolin Tsai as Fu Yi Ling Alan Luo as Zheng Da Lun Megan Lai as Ai Lin Wen Wen as Vicky Dan Cheng Ju as Chen Fu Zong Renzo Liu as Dou Ge Ge Xi Jian Er as Manager of Creative Dept. Guo Shi Lun as Group Leader Wang Xia Yu Qiao as Xiao Mei Ken Zhu as Heavenly King Ken Zhu Xiao Tian Yang Qian Pei as Heavenly King’s girlfriend Duncan as Heavenly King’s manager Wallace Chung Penny Lin

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