Greed Mask

Greed Mask, ????, ????, Mai Ting Ga Chuk, Mi Qing Jia Zu

Genre: Mystery, Suspense.
Date: 2003
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: “”A mysterious murder in the family, brings on interactive investigation by those involved, the case looks solved and is yet unsolved, the murder is not who it seems! Is it him, her or him?”” A King in the cosmetics business Ko Cheuk Man (Lo Hoi Pang) is suddenly murdered and his son Ko Fung (Roger Kwok) vows to find the murderer of his father. Like a riddle, the investigation and problem-solving is winding and confusing like a fog, what is the truth behind the incident? On the night of Man’s murder, was the same night that Szeto San (Christine Ng) who had worked for the company for a long time found out that she was the secret love child of Man, she has had a sleep walking condition since she was young, so she suspects that it may have been herself who murdered Man, so the murderer could have been her?! Also, Fung and San find out that on that night, Man lost his sanity and wanted to rape Fung’s cousin Chow Yi Tung (Annie Man), with a hearing disability since birth, she may have accidentally killed Man during her struggles, is she the murderer?! In the company is also an honest and hardworking good guy Cheung Hon Ming (Gilbert Lam), on the surface he is committed to his work, but secretly he is full of plots and in the past has set up a plot with his ex-girlfriend Lok Pui Pui (Halina Tam) in order to murder for riches, however they failed, could it be him that murdered Man to gain his all?! At this time, Ming dies suddenly! Fung also receives an anonymous letter revealing his true identity, putting another twist in the tale…

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