Golden Faith

Golden Faith, ????, Lau Kum Sui Yuet, Jin Yue

Date: 09 2002
Episodes: 45
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: Ting Wing Bong is the CEO-owner of Ting Fung, a wealthy business that specializes in gold/jewelry making. The wealth, unfortunately, came from years and years of fraud, bribery, and financial mismanagement by all in Ting Fung and other triad-like associations Mr. Ting built throughout the years. Mr. Ting lives in a great big house with Mrs. Ting and their three kids, Ivan, Oscar, and Yan Yan, who is mentally-challenged. Ivan and Rachel (a lawyer) begin a relationship and travel to Australia, Oscar returns after finishing his studies in the US, and Yan Yan goes about her merry way as the most innocent character of the series. The plot surrounds successful tycoon Ivan Ding (Gallen Lo), the adoptive son of the founder of Deng Fong (Paul Chun), a large gold merchant. Ivan discovers that his rival (Deric Wan) who is seeking a female lawyer’s (Jessica Hsuan) affection turns out to be his long lost brother. Later in the story, Ivan’s adopted father dies and all hell breaks loose when his adopted brother, Oscar Ding (Raymond Lam), manipulated by his uncle, is convinced that Ivan forged the dead father’s will and is plotting to take over the family business. * Gallen Lo as Ivan Ting Sin Poon * Jessica Hsuan as Rachel Ching Tin Lam * Deric Wan Siu as Chung Sau Hong * Raymond Lam as Oscar Ting Sin Hang * Michelle Yip as Rain Ching Siu Yu * Myolie Wu as Ting Sin Yan * Lok Ying Kwan as Ting Wing Tong * Gigi Wong Sook Yee as Mrs. Ting Wing Bong * Tavia Yeung as Kiko Chung Chui Yee

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