Glittering Days

Glittering Days, ????, Pearl of the Orient, Dong Fong Ji Ju / Dong Fang Zhi Zhu

Genre: Period.
Date: 11 2006
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: Back in the days when there was no television, people relied on listening to the radio for entertainment. Besides that, you have the option of watching skits from the theaters or singers performing at lounges. Lisa Wang plays the role of a semi-retired Diva turned manager. She brings with her a few singers and tirelessly tries to set them up with better known places to perform. Unfortunately, fate has brought her in conflict with Roger Kwok, a well known singer at the time. Roger Kwok hails from a small village who worked his way up to stardom. Despite his arrogance in front of his colleague, he is good to his brother and others whom he is indebted to. His childhood friend, played by Charmaine has a huge crush on him and despite her efforts to try to “”help”” him, her help caused more trouble and chaos for Roger. Later on, he is booted out of Dong Fong Ji Ju(Bar) and his career falters away. Wah Tai a kindhearted woman and offers to give him money to start of his career again. He rejects some of the money but little did he know that his brother takes the money for himself and starts spinning lies about Ling Fung to Wah Tai. Wah Tai soon falls in love with Ling Fung and soon leaves her husband just for Ling Fung. Ling Fung rejects her and she then jumps off a building, resulting in her death. Ling Fung then lands in the hospital because Wah Tai’s husband gets into a conflict with Ling Fung and blames him for his wife’s death. Ling Fung’s whole Reputation is ruined thanks to this. When his newest record comes out, no one buys it at all, leaving Charmaine to buy all of the records. Ling Fung then visits Wah Tai’s grave and begs for forgiveness. But Wah Tai’s ghost won’t forgive him and the paper goods Ling Fung burned are blown into Ling Fung’s own face! Soon Kam Yin(Liza Wang) realizes that Ling Fung is her son and vows to clean Ling Fung’s name if it is the last thing she does. Later on, Charmaine’s father (Paul Chun) takes Ling Fung to see a person. This person is one of those people who will let you communicate with the ghost you had to talk to by letting the ghost enter this person’s body. In this case, it was Wah Tai. But it didn’t work and Liza pretends to be the one who was affected. She tells Ling Fung he was her son and more lies are spun.

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