Game Of Deceit,

Game Of Deceit,
Genre: Ancient, Comedy, King.
Episodes: Unknown
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: First scene of the series, you see a taoist tricking money from peasants. Then Nick Cheung Ka Fai arrives dressed as a rich man holding a box that seems to contain a lot of money. But this time, the taoist is the one who gets tricked. Actually, the taoist’s trick is to have someone hidden inside a huge caldron who exchanges the money with rocks or puts some more money–depending on the taoist–and afterwards, the taoist gets an excuse when the money disappears. But anyway, Nick tricks lots of money from the taoist, because in his box, there’s only an urn for urine. Nick Cheung Ka Fai – Yue Chong Zheng Jessica Hsuan – Gong Yuk Ling Chian Ka Lok – Ah Jeng Shirley Chueng Yuk san – Chian Bo Yee Yuen King Dan – Gao Gun Yi

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