Forensic Heroes

Forensic Heroes, ????, Fat Jing Sin Fung, Fa Zheng Xian Feng

Genre: Mystery.
Date: 06 2006
Episodes: 25
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Forensic Heroes (????) (Cantonese: Faat Jing Sin Fung English: Forensic Heroes) is the Chinese version of CSI first broadcasted on TVB June 2006. It was a 25-episode serial about the Hong Kong police and a group of forensic scientists who are equipped with the latest technology working together to solve many crimes. The series also follows the personal and romantic lives of the protagonists. In contrast to the US versions of CSI which use significantly darker and bleaker lighting throughout its episodes, Forensic Heroes is presented in a brighter, more clinical atmosphere. Both use a hard lense picture technique instead of a softer camera format.

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