Family Man

Family Man, Juet Sai Ho Ba, Jue Shi Hao Ba, ????

Genre: Family.
Date: 10 2002
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Ko Hoi is first saxophonist in the police band, with a happy and warm family. He is the father of four daughters (Wasabi, Tracy, Bobo, and Polly), whom he regards as complete treasures. He’s been taking care of them since his wife died. The oldest daughter Wasabi is slightly unreasonable and has a quick temper, constantly arguing with her husband Kit Lo who does not make a lot of money but nonetheless loves Wasabi very much. Second daughter Tracy has been dating boyfriend Ken for several years, and is even working in a company jointly owned by them. The third sister, Bobo has extremely high standards of men and constantly changes boyfriends. the youngest, Polly, being pretty and cute has a flock of guys after her. Enter Kelvin and Ming who jumbles up their happy lives.

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