Fairy From Wonderland

Fairy From Wonderland, ????, Tian Wai Fei Xian, The Little Fairies, ???

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance.
Date: 02 2006
Episodes: 39
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: This drama is a retelling of a well-know love story between a goddess and a mortal. The story started off with Goddess Xiao Qi (Ariel Lin) committing a major transgression. As a punishment, she was stripped of all her powers and banished to the mortal realm. She could only regain her goddess status by accomplishing 100 charitable acts. Alone and helpless, she was rescued by a kind-hearted and earnest mortal named Dong Yong (Hu Ge). He taught her what’s like to be a mortal. And through him, she learned to love and be loved in return. But, gods are forbidden to love mortals. And, when their love affair was discovered, heaven guards descended onto the mortal realm to separate the two lovers. In the ensuing struggle, Dong Yong was severely injured and left to die. Pitying their fate, Xiao Qi’s sisters sent forth Xiang Xue Hai (Han Xue) to save Dong Yong’s life. Ariel Lin as Xiao Qi ?? Hu Ge as Dong Yong ?? TAE as Yuan Bao ?? Dou Zhi Kong as Shang Guan Hao Qi ???? Ri Yi as Li Sai Jin ??? Han Xue as Xiang Xue Hai ??? Michelle Saram as Ma Nana ??? Florence Tan as Cui Niang ?? Phyllis Quek as ??? Tsui Kam Kong as Jade Emperor ???? Yue Yue Li as Dong Qian Fa ???

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