Doomed To Oblivion

Doomed To Oblivion, ???, Cheng Ban Kiu, Zheng Ban Qiao

Genre: Ancient.
Date: 2002
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Cheng Ban Kiu (Wong Hei) is an artist who goes to Yangzhou in search of opportunities. There he meets his best friends: Kam Lung (Mok Ka Yiu) and Wong San (Mak Bau). With Wong He’s talent, he would have done very well in Yangzhou. However, things were never in his control. Wong He lives through the reign of three emperors: Kangxi (Chun Pui), Yungzheng (Tsang Wai Kuen) and Qinlong (William Tso). Although he finally realises his wish to serve his country, he too realises that the seedy world of politics is not what he had wanted. Along his twisted road to success, his road to love is also split into three. When first arriving in Yangzhou, Wong He meets Yat Jer (Gigi Lai). He almost marries her, but her mother resents his origins and in the end, he marries Yat Jer’s servant, Tsui See (Nadia Chan), instead. Nadia tries her hardest to make Wong He happy and eventually wins over his heart. Wong He eventually becomes an official and happily returns to his village – only to find that his wife is dying. Before she dies, Nadia convinces Wong He to marry Ng Mui (Myolie Wu). Wong He has no feelings towards Mui but she does not mind this. Gigi later plots to ruin Wong He and Myolie tries her best to help Wong He… After working for most of his life, Wong He is left with little to show for and before he leaves for his village to retire with Myolie, he leaves behind the words “”Ignorance is Bliss”” to Qianlong – reflecting his experiences

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