Detective Investigation Files II

Detective Investigation Files II, ??????, Ying Si Jing Chap Dong On, Xing Shi Zhen Qi Dang An

Genre: Police.
Date: 1996
Episodes: 40
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Tai Yung(Michael To Tai-Yu) and Jesse’s (Kenix Kwok Hor-Ying) relationship went on really well until Michael’s colleague Carmen (Amy Kwok Oi Ming) fell in love with Tai Yung. She is a bit mentally unstable, due to some incidents that has happened to her before when she was in U.K. In one case she got injured trying to save Tai Yung. Tai Yung, as nice as he always is, did everything to help her recover. Everyone with some TV-watching experience can imagine what this may have caused to Tai Yung’s and Jesse’s relationship. They break up and Carmen took the oppurtunity to get near Tai Yong, but they never formally get together. Although Tai Yung and Jesse really broke up, they still had feelings towards each other. But they’re both too stubborn to admit that. This went on until Carmen’s brother “”forced”” Tai Yung and Carmen to become engaged. Jesse overheard this and felt really sad causing her to have an traffic accident. Although nothing serious physical damage, Jesse admitted that she loves Tai Yung more than anything (to her mother and sister). Of course Tai Yung was just outside the door and heard everything and they got back together soon after that. Carmen was really jealous and treated Jesse as a third party. She had flashbacks due to this and her past was finally shown. This made her even more mentally unstable and tried to commit suicide, but did this by trying to “”hurt/kill”” Jesse and Tai Yung. Her plan was that Tai Yung would kill her to save Jesse, but of course it went differently. None of them got hurt and Carmen left the threesome. As for Yee Chai, Gigi died in an accident because she didn’t realise that she saw a murderer and the murderer thought Gigi recognised him. Yee Chai broke down because of this, and dedicated himself to raise Hang Hang, GiGi’s son. Later he became to have feelings for Ivy (Sammi Cheng, also a childhood friend of Tai Yung). Cast: * Michael To Tai-Yu * Joey Leung Wing-Chung * Kenix Kwok Hor-Ying * Amy Kwok Oi Ming * Sammi Cheng Sau Man

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