Cold Blood Warm Heart

Cold Blood Warm Heart, ????, ????, Tien Day Nam Yee, Tian Di Nan Er

Genre: Romance.
Date: 1996
Episodes: 65
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Bang was a middle-aged man with a kind heart. He helped many people and respected everyone. He was also a police cadet who could never achieve a high rank with his lack of education. What troubled him most was his painful past. His father and his mother were poor so his father went away to look for a job. He left little Bang and his mother behind. From then, the family was separated. The father became rich and went to search for his family. He couldn’t find them so he moved on and married two wives and had two sons while Bang’s mother past away. Bang was left in the care of a family. As he grew up, he knew who his father is but his father never took him in the family. The reason was publicity criticism.

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