CIB Files

CIB Files, ?????, Si Ting Bo Fo, Xing Shi Qing Bao Ke

Genre: Action, Police, Thriller.
Date: 08 2006
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese

Synopsis: Bowie and Wong He are brothers who are both policemen. At the start of the series, Bowie is already working in the CIB (Criminal Intelligence Bureau). Wong He has just finished his undercover assignment and is transferred over to work in CIB. Bowie is married to Christine, and they have a teenage son, Joey. Christine works at a magazine company, along with her sister Catherine Chow. Maggie has just changed jobs, along with her assistants Rachel Kan and Ken, and they start to work at the same company as Christine. Both Maggie and Christine pretend to get along at the start, but in actual fact they are constantly trying to undermine each other. In the first few episodes, you discover that Maggie’s mum has alzheimers/dementia, but throughout the series, you also see that there are two other women who she calls ‘mum’. Catherine discovers the real reason and spreads it through the company. This increases the warring between Christine and Maggie, and they stop pretending to get along at all. Bowie and Wong He’s father, Chan Hung Lit, returns to Hong Kong and we find that his sons do not have a good relationship with him. He feigns illness, and Wong He takes him in. * Bowie Lam Bo Yee as Tony * Wong He as Mark * Maggie Shiu Mei Kei as Samantha * Christine Ng Wing Mei as Emily * Wai Ka Hung as Daniel * Kenny Wong Dak Bun as William * Chan Hung Lit as Albert * Catherine Chow Ka Yi as May * Rachel Kan Muk Wah as Joey * Joey Chan Jou Yee as Michael Chung * Joe Junior as Mo Sir * Yue Yeung as Jim * Queenie Chu Wai Man as Rachel Yu

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