Central Affairs

Central Affairs, ?????, Ching Hum Yan Chung Wan, Qing Xian Ye Zhong Huan

Genre: Contemporary.
Date: 2005
Episodes: 30
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Central Affairs revolves around MIG Insurance Company established by Ching Man Ho (Patrick Tse) and unfolds a series of power struggles in the company which further extend to the complicated relationships between two generations. The drama follows female lead Season Shum’s (Michelle Yip) development from a simple and innocent girl to an unscrupulous businesswoman who betrays her family, friends and lover to achieve her goal. The relationships between Season Shum (Michelle Yip) and her boyfriends become even more complicated when the hidden relationships of the older generation are revealed later in the drama. Patrick Tse – Andrew Yuen Man Kit – Michelle Ye – Pinky Cheung Man Chi- Gilbert Lam Wai Sun – Jo Koo – Raymond Wong Ho Yin – Bobby Dou – Faye Tung – Zuki Lee – Ben Cheung Ga Lun – Lui Yau Wai – Bao Hei Ching – Winnie Leung

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