Aqua Heroes

Aqua Heroes, ?????, Leurn Ngoi Tzi Yau Sik, Lian Ai Ji Yo Shi

Date: 2003
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Yau Dak (Rain and Busy’s father) and Sandy (Sheren Tang) have been separated for eighteen years. They didn’t divorce though. They both still love each other secretly. Sandy took Rain to the U.S. leaving Dak in Hong Kong with Busy. Busy is very optimistic and really wants to see her long lost sister and mother. But sadly, one of her legs are shorter than the other. She has a crush on Edwin Tong. When her sister comes back from the U.S., she finds that Rain also loves Edwin. That makes Louis, her online husband, Busy, Edwin, Stephy (Busy’s best friend) and Theresa ( a new friend) sad. Later on, Edwin and Busy are together. Rain slowly realizes that she doesn’t like Edwin at all. The one she really likes is Louis. Rain has to go back to America to finish school. But she promises to be Louis’s online wife. Busy also healed her legs and can walk regularly now. Dak and Sandy are back together (with the help of Busy and Rain). Everyone got what they wanted, and everyone is happy.

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