A Pillow Case Of Mystery

A Pillow Case Of Mystery, ????, Si Gong Kay Awn, Shi Gong Qi An

Genre: Crime, Period.
Date: 01 2006
Episodes: 20
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Sze, along with his family, comes into town to be its new judge. He soon ends up having to sentence the town fool. When the fool ends up hanged at his house Wong Tin Ba (Benny Chan) is blamed for his suicide by all the town’s people. Everything seems like it is getting worse and worse, until he finds a simple ceramic pillow by accident. The pillow contains a helpful, but not too helpful spirit, who tries to help him solve the case. *Bobby Au Yeung as Sze Sai Lun *Kenix Kwok as Mai Heung Yung *Benny Chan as Wong Tin Ba *Tavia Yeung as Ming Chu Gak Gak *Annie Man as Chin Lai Su *Eileen Yeow as Ga Sau Yuk *Rosanne Lui (??) as Pong Got Ngoi *Lu Hai Peng (???) as Tong Do Fuk, Jam San

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