Date: 2006
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: ZOO comprises five stories, all based on Japanese author Otsuichi’s short story collection, ‘ZOO’, which includes: 1. Kazari to Y?ko (Yoko and Kazari) “”It’s her choice to let me live or die.”” In their tenuous household Kazari is the favoured twin while poor Yoko is mistreated and threatened by a clearly insane, callous mother. 2. Seven Rooms “”What the hell is this place?”” A brother and sister find themselves locked in a concrete vault, awaiting death at the hands of a chainsaw-wielding serial killer. 3. S.O. F? (S.O. Far) “”When did you get home?”” After a tragic accident a young boy is faced with a dilemma: his parents return from the grave to battle for his affections. 4. Hidamari no Shi (Poem of the Gathering Sunlight) “”In 4,730,032,881 seconds…”” A lonely man develops an android companion, hoping that she will ease some of the loneliness he’s felt for years… many years. 5. Zoo “”You’re not the only man in the world.”” Blinded by jealousy a man kills his girlfriend and then hides her at an abandoned zoo where he visits every single day to take a photo of her.

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