When Fortune Smiles

When Fortune Smiles, Wu di xing yun xing

Genre: Action.
Date: 1990
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: King of Comedy Stephen Chow starred in a dozen of box office hits in 1990, including All for the Winner, God of Gamblers 2, and the less talked-about but just as amusing When Fortune Smiles. Sandra Ng, just as popular as Chow in comedies, takes up two roles as a rich heiress and a garbage woman, and offers more jokes when the former is impersonating the latter. The story revolves around a massive inheritance from a rich man, whose nephew (Shing Fui On) is plotting to seize the fortune from his daughter Fei Fei (Sandra Ng). He hires a petty thief, nicknamed “”Tricky Star””, played by no other but the talented comedian Stephen Chow, to court Fei Fei in an attempt to steal all the money. But it turns out that Fei Fei is a fake who works for the rich man’s evil son (Anthony Wong Chau Sang). With a strong cast and a hilarious story, When Fortune Smiles promises to deliver an entertaining film to all those who love Stephen Chow comedies. Stephen Chow … Vincent Han Sandra Ng Kwan Yue … Rubbish Feng / Chao Fei-Fei Anthony Chan … Detective Huang Fui-On Shing … Chao’s Son Anthony Wong Chau-Sang … Wei Siu-Wai Mui … Wei’s Wife Kau Lam … Chao Sai-Kit Yung … Simon Billy Chow … Kickboxer

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