What’s Up With Love?

What’s Up With Love?, Ada apa dengan cinta?

Genre: Romance.
Date: 2002
Parts: 4
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A sharply etched yet humorous love story of growing infatuation, ambivalence and near misunderstanding between two idealistic teenagers (Cinta and Rangga) at a high school in Jakarta, this sophisticated and charming film provides an engaging portrait of young people from the middle classes in a major Asian capital city. Cinta (the name means “”love””) is a member of a teenage girl gang and we first see her in this context. The rather isolated Rangga is a budding poet. When Rangga wins the school poetry competition, Cinta, who also writes poetry and helps edit the student Bulletin Board, wants to interview him, but meets with refusal. Rangga is passionate about the literature of his country, but is alienated from his fellow students due to the break up of his parents’ marriage and the political oppression of his father. Cinta sets out to understand this puzzle. Dian Sastrowardoyo – Cinta Nicholas Saputra – Rangga

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