Tom-Yum-Goong, ?????????, Warrior King, The Protector, Honour of the Dragon, Ong Bak 2

Genre: Action, Martial-Arts.
Date: 2005
Parts: 1
Language: Thai
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: A young fighter named Kham must go to Australia to retrieve his stolen elephant. With the help of a Thai-born Australian detective, Kham must take on all comers, including a gang led by an evil woman and her two deadly bodyguards. Tony Jaa – Kham Petchtai Wongkamlao – Mark Bongkoj Khongmalai – Pla Xing Jing – Madame Rose Nathan Jones – T.K. Johnny Nguyen – Johnny Lateef Crowder – Capoeira Fighter Jon Foo – Wushu Fighter Damian de Montemas – Vincent David Asavanond – Officer Rick Sotorn Rungruaeng – Kham’s Father Amonphan Gongtragan – Goong Nutdanai Kong – Kham (9 years old)

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