The Wow-Choten Hotel

The Wow-Choten Hotel, THE ??????, The Uchouten Hotel, Suite Dreams, Uchoten hoteru

Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Date: 2006
Parts: 4
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Written and directed by Mitani Koki (Welcome Back Mr. McDonald, Our House, University Of Laughs), this film is a rollercoaster farcical comedy, set in a grand, five star hotel on New Year?s Eve. A collection of assorted characters check in over the course of the evening, crossing paths and ensuring chaos ensues, but all is resolved by the explosively frantic conclusion. It is the end of the year and deputy hotel manager Shindo (Yakusho Koji – Shall We Dance?, Lorelei) has a deer research association?s Man Of The Year dinner to organize, a press conference with a prominent politician taking place, not to mention the New Year countdown party. Add these to all the ordinary little emergencies that take place on a daily basis in a hotel of this size and tonight is going to be a busy one. Coping with misspelt banners, missing ducks and a call girl who seems adamant to get past security is one thing, but when his head bell hop says he wants to quit, a housemaid is mistaken for a rich guest?s mistress and is whisked off to a secret rendezvous, the night is guaranteed to be a memorable one. And that?s before even considering the guests! Koji Yakusho – Heikichi Shindo Takako Matsu – Hana Takemoto Koichi Sato – Katsutoshi Mutoda Shingo Katori – Kenji Tadano Ryoko Shinohara – Yoko the Call Girl Keiko Toda – Tokiko Yabe Katsuhisa Namase – Takashi Seo Kumiko Aso – Naomi Ohara You – Sakura Cherry Joe Odagiri – Ukon (as Joe Odagiri) Takuzo Kadono – Mamoru Hotta Susumu Terajima – Jose Kochi Kazuyuki Asano – Mamoru Jimbo Yoshimasa Kondo – Naomasa Bando Jiei Kabira – Tange

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