Sympathy For Lady Vengeance

Sympathy For Lady Vengeance, ??? ???, Kind-Hearted Ms. Geum-Ja, Lady Vengeance

Genre: Thriller.
Date: 2005
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Lee Geum-Ja is a thirty-two year-old woman who’s just getting released from prison. Her crime: the kidnapping and murder of a young boy some thirteen years ago. The result: all those years in prison, and the notoriety that comes with becoming a murderer at the age of nineteen. But her rep encompasses more than just a terrible crime. In prison, Geum-Ja became a legendary figure, renowned for her kindness and near-angelic demeanour. She became devoutly religious, and proceeded to win the hearts and loyalties of her fellow prisoners. But that’s all in the past. Upon release, Geum-Ja does a 180 on her rep, and appears to go bad. She dumps her unassuming dresses for black leather and blood-red eye shadow, and proceeds to stomp around Seoul with a particularly grouchy expression on her face. Clearly, this is a woman with something on her mind. Yeong-ae Lee … Geum-ja Lee Min-sik Choi-Mr. Baek Tony Barry-StepFather, Australian Anne Cordiner-StepMother, Australian Su-hee Go-Ma-nyeo Hye-jeong Kang-Tv announcer Bu-seon Kim-So-young Woo Byeong-ok Kim-Preacher Shi-hoo Kim-Geun-shik Yea-young Kwon-Jenny Dae-yeon Lee-Prison head Seung-Shin Lee-Yi-jeong Park Su-gyeong Lim-A prison officer Il-woo Nam-Detective Choi Dal-su Oh-Mr. Chang Kwang-rok Oh-Se-hyun’s Father Mi-ran Ra-Oh, Su-hee Seung-wan Ryoo-A passerby Yeong-ju Seo-Kim, Yang-hee

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