Some, ?, Sseom

Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery, SciFi, Thriller.
Date: 2004
Parts: 4
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: What could have been a simple legal case turns into a dramatic race against time and death in Chang Yoon-hyun’s latest cop-bandit extravaganza. After 10 billion won worth of drugs mysteriously disappear, police officer Kang Sung-joo has to face the difficult task of tracking down the ones responsible for this clever coup. During his risky mission for justice he stumbles into news reporter Seo Yoo-jin who has an unusual gift: she can see the future. Kang learns to his shocking surprise that he is scheduled to become the victim of a murder within the next 24 hours. Now a race against time is on… Soo Go – Kang Seong-ju Ji-hyo Song – Seo Yu-jin Dong-kyu Lee – Min Jae-il Shin-il Kang – Chief Oh Seong-jin Kang – Officer Lee Kyeong-hun Jo – Officer Chu Myeong-jun Jeong – Chief Kim Cheol-Ho Park – Kwon Cheol-woo Min Kwon – Jong Chan Mun-hong Jo – Black King

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