Sky High: Face,

Sky High: Face,
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural.
Parts: 6
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Those who are victims of accidents or murders will visit Izuko, the guardian at the Gate of Rage that stands at the netherworld that separates this world from the afterlife. She gives three choices to the dead: to abandon their hatred and reach the eternal paradise; to haunt the World of the Living as a ghost; or to avenge themselves and go straight down to hell. This volume contains the last story-arc of this late night TV series, which was also directed by the internationally acclaimed Ryhei Kitamura (Versus, Azumi, Alive, Godzilla: Final Wars). Izuko is finally given the choice of where her soul will go. Unable to decide because she has no memory of her past life, the Master of the Gate tells her to guide a soul through the gate. This soul, a young woman named Anna, has completely shut down her mind and memories, making Izuko?s job impossible. In order to complete her task, Izuko goes to the World of the Living to solve the mystery of Anna?s past and in so doing she gets a glimpse of her own past life. What dark secrets do Anna and Izuko share in their past lives ? ?

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