Shogun’s Shadow

Shogun’s Shadow, Sh?gun Iemitsu no Ranshin: Gekitotsu, The Insanity of Shogun Iematsu: Clash, Seven Ronin vs. the Shogunate’s Army, Gekitotsu

Genre: Action.
Date: 1989
Parts: 2
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: During Japan’s feudal era, the dying shogun’s first son, Takechiyo, and his attendants are attacked by fighting monks while away from the capital. Rescued by a band of ronin led by Gyobu Igo, the adolescent Takechiyo comes under their protection as they begin a perilous journey to reach Edo before a samurai warlord named Shozaemon Iba and his inexhaustible military forces capture and kill the boy. But a simple escort mission takes a sinister turn when they discover that the forces controlling their pursuers reside at the very heart of the capital. With an entire army in pursuit, Gyobu leads his small band of heroes forward in a seemingly hopeless struggle to preserve the life of the next rightful shogun. Sonny Chiba – Iba Shoemon Hu Chien Chiang – Shishi Jingoemon Hiroki Matsukata – Abe Shigeji Ken Ogata – Igo Gyobu Tetsuro Tamba – Hotta Masamori Seizo Fukumoto Hu Jian Qiang

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