Reincarnation, Rinne

Genre: Horror.
Date: 2005
Parts: 3
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In 1970 eleven murders occur at a certain hotel in Gunma prefecture including the murder of a young girl. With his motives still unknown, the murderer himself then meets a mysterious death. 35 years later a new string of dissappearances are shocking the people of Japan and the only thing linking each dissappearance is that the victims are all under 35. Could it be that each of the disappearing people are the reincarnation of people who died at the hotel? And if each of them is headed back to the hotel, could it be that the events at the hotel are still ongoing? Y?ka – Nagisa Sugiura Karina – Yayoi Kinoshita Kippei Shiina – Ikuo Matsumura Tetta Sugimoto – Tadashi Murakawa Shun Oguri – Kazuya Omori Marika Matsumoto – Yuka Morita Mantar? Koichi – Yamanaka Atsushi Haruta – Norihasa Omori

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