Princess Mononoke Dub

Princess Mononoke Dub, ?????, Mononoke Hime

Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy.
Date: 7 1997
Episodes: 1
Language: English

Casts: Billy Crudup, Claire Danes

Synopsis: Princess Mononoke follows the journey of the last Emishi prince, Ashitaka, and his attempts to make peace between the human settlement, Tataraba (Irontown in the English adaptation), and the creatures living in the forest that surrounds it. The film begins with Ashitaka saving his village from a vicious assault by killing a demon who is actually the giant boar god Nago corrupted by rage and hate. During the fight, Ashitaka receives a demon mark on his right arm, and he is cursed by the Boar God`s hatred and pain. Ashitaka is told that the mark will spread throughout his body, killing him. A ball of iron is found inside Nago`s corpse which is somehow connected to the curse. Ashitaka resolves to journey to Nago`s origin, the lands to the West, to try and find a cure for his curse. He cuts his hair, signifying his permanent departure from his village, and rides out with his steed Yakul, his loyal red elk. Since it is considered taboo to see off one who is banished, only one person dares to say goodbye to Ashitaka: his `little sister,` Kaya, who gives him her crystal dagger so that he will not forget her.

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