Our Neighbors Are Phantoms

Our Neighbors Are Phantoms, Hua gui zhu zheng ge li, Hua gui you xian gong si, Wa gwai jue jing gaak lei, My Neighbor’s Phantoms, My Neighbors are Phantoms!, Our Neighbors are Phantoms!

Genre: Comedy, Supernatural.
Date: 1990
Parts: 4
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: An evil photograph with four possesed souls winds up in the possesion of a pervert who’s home they take over putting him into the picture. A nosy cop and her girlfriend notice the strange ongoings and one of the ghost’s fall in love with the cop’s buddy. But once the ghosts leave their home, all hell breaks loose. Pak-cheung Chan – Dragon Chan Man Cheung – Siu-Sin Charlie Cho – Charlie Cheung Fat Chung – George Chan

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