Oily Maniac

Oily Maniac, ???, Yau gwai ji, You gui zi, Oily Monster, The Oily Maniac

Genre: Horror, Thriller.
Date: 1976
Parts: 1
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: While trying to save his daughter, Yue, from being molested, Lin Yang-ba accidentally kills one of the attackers and is sentenced to death. Thirty minutes before his execution, he asks to see legal assistant Sheng Yung in the hope that he will protect Yue in future. Crippled by polio, Yung is convinced that he can be of no use, but Yang-ba imparts to him an ancient Malay spell and urges him to use it. Yung performs the necessary ritual and is transformed into a slimy, misshapen fiend with glowing yellow eyes and great strength… Based on a folk tale and shot predominantly in Malaysia. Li Hsiu-hsien (Danny Lee) – Sheng Yung Ku Feng – Lin Yang-ba Chen Ping – Yue Lily Li Angela Yu Chien

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