Nobody’s Child,

Nobody’s Child,
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Together with her parents and younger brother, Shuangshuang left Malaysia for Singapore. The husband and wife rented a food stall. But poor business forced Shuangshuang?s father to find a job back in Malaysia, leaving his wife, Danping, to run the stall with Shuangshuang. Danping never appreciated Shuangshuang?s competence. Whenever Shuangshuang made a mistake or she was in a foul mood, she?d take it out on the young girl. Wei, an assistant at the coffee shop, would always speak up for Shuangshuang whenever she got bullied. He and Shuangshuang became good friends over time. Shuangshuang?s father soon stopped remitting money and even had an affair. He asked for a divorce when his lover became pregnant. In her quest to get back at her husband, Danping slept with Obit when the latter?s wife was away. Wei had tipped Obit?s wife, Obiang about the affair. Instead of thanking him, Obiang chided Wei for not telling her sooner and fired him. The emboldened Danping decided to go on a holiday with Obit. Shuangshuang secretly approached Obit to ask the latter to leave her mother. She even offered herself to Obit in exchange. Obit pretended to accede to her request and violated her. Shuangshuang went home to tell her mother about what happened. But Danping didn?t believe her, took her luggage and left. Shuangshuang heard on the news about how Phuket was hit by the tsunami. Worried for her mum?s safety, she tried calling her in vain. Shuangshuang told Wei about how her mum could be a victim in the tsunami and how Obit violated her. Enraged, Wei confronted Obit. Shuangshuang was stabbed in the back as she tried to separate the two men.

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