Ninja Gari,

Ninja Gari,
Genre: Action.
Date: 1964
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The great actor Konoe Jushiro (from Yagyu Bugeicho movie series) stars as Wadakuro, one of four ronin hired to fight against the Shogunate’s plot to abolish the Gamo Clan, who are struggling to reinstate their young heir Tanemaru as their Lord. Facing the threat of the Koga Ninja, Wadakuro shows his own cruelty while on a personal vendetta. This is a very brutal ninja movie, lot?s of realistic ninja action, violent deaths, dark story line and completely without any ?humor? elements that Toei used to incorperate back in the golden era, a true classic not to be missed! Jushiro Konoe – Wadakuro (as konoe jushiro) Takahiro Tamura – Gamo (as tamura takahiro)

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