New Shadow Warriors,

New Shadow Warriors,
Genre: Martial-Arts.
Parts: 1
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: In the time of the peaceful Toyotomi Era, Shinotada the master of Kochi Family, a source of revenue for the Tokugawa, was trying to marry his younger sister Princess Fuji to Akinobu Sunekazura, who has connections with the reval Toyotomi, in order to bring peace. However, he became ill at the close at hand to complete the marriage. One of sixteen great warriors of Tokugawa, Hanzo Hattori entrusted his wish and the gathered the remnants of Iga Village, which was destroyed by Nobunaga Oda, and ordered them to guard of Princess Fuji. The Iga ninja who were hastily collected were unsure about the success of such this serious duty. Meanwhile, a shadow which wants to prevent the marriage has begun to move. The Council of Elders of the Sunekazura, Atsuyuki Yabuta hired the Fuma Ninja led by Kotaro Fuma joined with Koga Ninja led by Sasuke Sarutobi, who is serving Hideyoshi Toyotomi, to assassinate of Princess Fuji! Can Hanzo Hattori with Iga remnants prevent this evil plot and protect the princess? The extremely popular TV series from 1980-1985, Kage no Gundan has finally returned. Once again, Shinichi “”Sonny”” Chiba plays the leading role of Hanzo Hattori again with his old enemy, Sasuke Sarutobi, played by Hiroki Matsukata. The presence of both famous actors will overwhelm any audience!

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