My Wife Is A Gangster II,

My Wife Is A Gangster II,
Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial-Arts.
Date: 2003
Parts: 2
Language: Korean
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: The movie opens with an all-out rooftop brawl involving tons of gang members, all of whom duke it out to the sounds of Bing Crosby’s “”White Christmas.”” What’s significant about the opening is the second appearance by infamous homosexual gangster Curtis Ahn. He is seen wearing tight leather shorts and a T-shirt that says “”Bend over or die tryin'””. Curtis manages to seduce and kill several enemies, including Matt Lam and Paul Lee. Things take a dramatic turn, however, when the infamous female gangster arrives on the scene in all her wire-fu glory. But just as she’s in the midst of kicking ass and taking names, she’s knocked off the building and plunges down to the streets below. Due to a lucky break, the fall doesn’t kill her, but it does cause her to suffer amnesia. Luckily for Eun-Jin, she’s found by Yoon Jae-Choi (Park Joon-Gyu), the kindly owner of a small-scale Chinese restaurant. She worked as a delivery girl under the name of Tsu Tsu. Once, in a feud with Ji-hyun, Tsu Tsu fell from the roof and recovered her past memories with White Shark, who had recruited Jun Man to kill her. Jun Man became impotent when Jae-choi’s motorbike accidentally hit him in the groin. Ji-hyun was later kidnapped and was being rescued by Eun-jin, but Jae-choi was stabbed in the stomach and killed. Eun-jin was saved by the 132-members of the scissors gang. Ji-hyun later joined Eun-jin’s gang to fight against some Chinese illegal drug dealers. * Sin Eun-kyeong (???) * Park Joon-gyoo (???) * Jang Se-jin (???) * Ryoo Hyeon-kyeong (???) * Lee Won-jong (???) * Joo Hyeon (??) * Choi Joon-yong (???) * Kim Seung-wuk (???) * Lee Ki-yeol (???) * Jo Mi-ryeong (???) * Seon Woo-seon (???) * Kim Yeong-ho (???) * Hong Soo-ah (???) * Choi Hae-cheol (???)

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