My Hero

My Hero, Yi ben man hua: Chuang tian ya, Yat boon maan wa: Chong tin ngaai

Genre: Action, Comedy.
Date: 1990
Parts: 2
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: Comedy superstar Stephen Chow gets a taste of triad life in My Hero, a comic triad flick directed by kung-fu actor Leung Ka Yan. Stephen Chow is Sing, a dopey waiter who reads gangster comics and longs for the heroic bloodshed life. He gets his chance to enter the land of Chow Yun Fat when he accidentally saves a mob boss’ life, and gets a place at the triad table as a reward. Sing befriends suave killer Chun (Wilson Lam) and the gorgeous Ann (Pak On Nei), and his lovable charm and eager disposition propels him up the gang ladder. But it’s not all roses in the underworld. Sing eventually discovers that the triad life has its share of pitfalls and pit bulls beneath the glorified promises of brotherhood and honor. But will it be too late to save his friends when he finds out? Tough triad melodrama and Stephen Chow’s patented comic charisma mix it up in My Hero! Ann Bridgewater … Ann Tao Chiang Stephen Chow … Sing James Ha (as James Ha Chim Si) Wilson Lam … Chun Ka-Yan Leung … Hung Yi (as Kar Yan Leung) Lily Li (as Lily Li Li-Li) Ming Yan Lung … Vietnamese Boss Hong-Ning Ng … Wai’s Bodyguard Fui-On Shing … Bill Pomson Shi Kwan Yeung … Wai Woo-ping Yuen … Master Yi

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