Date: 2003
Parts: 3
Language: Tagalog
Subtitle: English

Synopsis: It is a story of a young boy whose amazing love, faith and courage shine through life’s sadness and misfortunes. His father, Gerry, thought he would grow up just like his older brother Miong, an intelligent young man who is studying as a scholar in Manila but loses his scholarship, his parents also lose all their hope in having a better life. Added to Miong’s failure, there’s their youngest sister Helen who has cerebral palsy and who hasn’t spoken yet. His grandmother is also diagnosed to have a terminal illness. Magnifico’s sympathetic heart leads him to help his family. He is bound to influence the lives of his townspeople and change the dim perspective of his family by proving that everything is possible if only one will see through the eyes of a child. Jiro Manio – Magnifico a.k.a. Pikoy Lorna Tolentino – Edna Albert Martinez – Gerry Tonton Gutierrez Gloria Romero – Lola Magda (as Ms. Gloria Romero) Celia Rodriguez (as Ms. Celia Rodriguez) Amy Austria Danilo Barrios – Miong Mark Gil Cherry Pie Picache Girlie Sevilla – Isang Alison VII Jon Romano Susan Africa Isabella De Leon – Helen

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